Understand your customers

Understand your employees

Understand your prospects

Understand your potential fraudsters

Understand your network users

The Real Scoop, Real Fast.

Vijilent gathers, analyzes and reports back individual Data-Portraits™ in real time.

Vijilent can be used to help you with...


Fraud people identification

Keep fraudsters off your e- and mobile-commerce

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Lead generation

Lead generation

Identify an ideal customer profile to take cold calls to ‘warm’ calls

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Peer to peer platforms

Trust for P2P platforms

Build greater trust & safety measures into your peer-to-peer platform

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Consumer insurance

ML for Consumer Insurance

Understand your customer to reduce risk using machine learning

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Contractor safety

Contractor safety

Give service providers customer insights ­ before the visit

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Customized algorithm

Customized algorithms

Use machine learning to address your firm-specific concerns and issues

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Four unique API product offerings

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